postheadericon Treatments for Sore Muscles and Aches

I have never felt so old as I did when I woke up this morning and tried to get out of bed. I nearly collapsed because my muscles are so sore. I never would have expected that a little more than an hour of physical activity could make me feel this way. It is kind of overwhelming. I am browsing to see about ordering some products to help with my recovery and to help me to feel better in a short amount of time.I played ultimate frisbee ysterday and I ended up guarding someone who was probably 8 years younger than me and also a lot more athletic. It did not end up very good for me. I got left in the dust a lot of times, but I did my best to try to stay with him. I think I prevented him from getting the frisbee at least a few times.

I have a headache today as well, and it seems like nothing is going my way. I am not sure what would be best for my muscles, if I should ice them down, or maybe use a heat pad. I am not sure which would be better for recovery but right now, it even hurts to sit in a chair.I am not even thirty years old yet, but it seems like I am much older. Or well my body sure feels older than that today. I feel like i should exercise more often, so that this doesn’t happen in the future if I were to play again. I do not want to be in pain for days after working out or doing some sort of sporting activity. It is kind of lame, and I really should have never let myself get to this condition in the first place.