postheadericon The miracle of Smile

Smiling, how easy this is done. It only took a second to change the shape of lips into a smile. And it only takes seven seconds to maintain the smile to be seen as an expression of sincerity.

But why do these simple things are rarely seen? The faces on the street, on public transport, in the cafeteria, in the office, even in places where it should be a garden tour that smile, it looks blurry. Wrinkles on the face shows how heavy the burden to be borne by the faces. Many facial area between the two eyes to contract.


The smile was gone from the face of many people. Somehow a smile – even laugh – which is always bright adorn the faces of small, simply vanished. Now, even not just the faces of parents and adults who have lost their smile. The faces of the teenagers and children had been infected wrinkles full load.

Smiles in essence is one beautiful gift of God the Most Beautiful. God intentionally confers a smile as part of human beauty. Unfortunately, this wonderful gift, not found in many human faces. The world would be much more beautiful when people liked to smile.

Life and human life would be more beautiful and reassuring when we see a lot of smiles all around us. Especially the smile from the face of our own. Would not it be nice if we receive a smile? And is not much better when we are the one who gave a smile?

Brother, smile a simple, easy and free it turned out to save a lot of miracles. At least from a variety of experiences in my life. Yep, in my life, I see many miracles. The form all sorts. There are convenience, health, wealth, kindness, and so the solution of a smile.