postheadericon How Can You Prevent Reoccurring Back Pain

One the most common physical complaints you will hear people make is, “My back hurts.” This is not a complaint that is reserved for elderly people either. Anyone from college kids to young children complain of back pain on occasion. In fact, of the top ten reasons people visit a doctor; back pain is right up there at number five.

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There are all sorts of reasons for back pain. It could be an active lifestyle or something as simple as an improper lifting technique. Here are some facts that may help you discover the source of your back pain.

Lower Back Pain Facts

Lower back pain the most common type of back pain people complain of, but in around 97% of lower back pain cases, the true source of the pain is unknown. The pain does not come from a previous accident or injury. In most cases this type of back pain comes from sitting the wrong way for extended periods of time. The muscles, tendons and ligaments in the lower back get bunched up and cause lower back pain.

Can Stretching Help?

The right stretching exercises can offer huge benefits for lower back pain and they should be performed immediately after any type of workout. Stretching should be held for a maximum of 20 seconds and with a repetition of 6-8 times each. Stretching is not the only way to alleviate common back pain. For more great ideas, take a closer look at this online guide for back and neck care.

Can Exercise Help?

Along with good posture, the proper exercise can do a lot for any type of common back pain. The exercises should focus on increasing your strength and flexibility. The side stretch is an easy to master exercise that can help to elevate lower back pain and lumber strain.

As you can see, there are several things you can do to remove back pain from your life. Don’t live with back pain another day.