postheadericon 3 Top Causes of Cavities in Children

The dreaded “C” word at the dentist: cavity. It’s what makes even you as a parent want to curl up into a ball and wish the problem away (to say nothing of how it felt when you were a child yourself). Luckily, you take your kids to the dentist regularly, and have done so since they were old enough, but sometimes the chaos of being a parent can leave you a little short on the oral hygiene end of the stick. Here are three of the top causes for cavities in children and how to prevent them.

1.    Sugary diets. Unfortunately, those wonderful sugary snacks that children love (and which are marketed toward them with a vengeance) are the leading cause of cavities in their little mouths. Sugar comes from all kinds of places, from those Pop-Tarts at breakfast to the Gatorade they drink during soccer to the lollipops the doctor’s office hands out after shots. Limiting your child’s sugar intake by closely reading food labels can help.

2.    Non-fluoridated water. Some boroughs and townships fluoridate their water, but if you live in an area that does not (or you have well-water), then your kids could be more at risk for cavities. You can get tablets or drops to be administered daily and always provide fluoride products like toothpaste and mouthwash.

3.    Not enough brushing. Professionals like the experts at Cleveland Smiles know that everyone should brush twice a day for at least two minutes, but it can be hard to get toddlers to do anything for more than two seconds. Whether your kids are toddlers or more grown up school-agers, that 2min2x rule applies, and it’s important that you oversee it until you can trust that they are brushing often enough and long enough on their own.
Kids learn so much from their parents without you even realizing it, so set a good example for them and they are incredibly likely to follow suit!