The Effects of Zanax on Hypertension and Mental Health

Having high blood pressure is a very meticulous condition. You have to take lots of precautions for maintaining your blood pressure such as, avoiding certain types of food, and controlling your emotions. There is also an extensive variety of drugs now available in the market, which targets hypertension. However, there are also drugs like Zanax, where you’ll get beneficial reaction, especially if you have high blood pressure.

Hypertension And Its Emotional Side

When your doctor’s diagnosis is high blood pressure, you must keep watch over a lot of factors in your life. It is not a mere number that is shown in the sphygmomanometer; rather, it is a condition that affects different aspects of your life, greatly. These aspects, don’t only involve health, but also emotions.

There is this so called “mind-body connection”, that says your body responds to the way you act, think and feel. For example, hypertension and other symptoms may develop after a tragic event happens in your life, like a lost of a loved one.

People that have imbalanced hormones, like estrogen imbalance for women, can cause a sudden surge of emotions that seems to affect blood pressure significantly.

Everyone experiences to be anxious, depressed and stressed sometimes, but it is a different situation if you are constantly under these emotions. These kinds of negative feelings would definitely increase your blood pressure, and in turn, may affect into hormone imbalance and later develop into chronic hypertension.

If you already have high blood pressure, you should keep good watch of your emotions then. It would be good if you reflect on your lifestyle, and ask your self questions like ‘does your life involve too much stress?’, ‘are you always at panic?’, ‘do you find anxiety a normal factor in your everyday life?’ If you answered ‘yes’ to most questions and see the signs, then it would be best to start having conscious control over your feelings.

Zanax and Its Effects to High Blood Pressure

Zanax belong in a group of drugs called benzodiazepines. It is used to affect chemicals in the brain that may be unbalanced and in return causes anxiety. Zanax is used to medicaly treat panic disorders, anxiety disorders, and anxiety caused by depression. However, it can also be used for functions other than those said earlier.

One of the other uses of the medicine is to treat hypertension. When you take Zanax, you are put into a calm state. All your anxieties and worries are ceased. There will be no more worries for panic attacks and hormonal imbalances. This has a much faster effect than having anger management therapy and undergoing other programs.

Since the presence of these emotions negatively affect your blood pressure, conversely, if they are gone, that would definitely have a positive effect on your blood pressure. Zanax can actually lower your blood pressure.

Although Zanax was mainly made for emotional disorders, there had been a lot of studies that support its use for treatment of high blood pressure. These studies show that Zanax really do decrease blood pressure. Their conclusion is that, it is due to its effect on the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the ‘fight-or-flight’ reflex of the body.