Teeth Whitening Safety Issues

There have been concerns raised about the safety and effectiveness of teeth whitening products. Whilst some studies have proved that the process is safe and effective, however, in the UK and EU most peroxide-based whitening kits have been banned in recent years.

Elsewhere these products are still readily available. It should also be noted that in the USA the FDA does not consider teeth whitening products to be drugs and therefore doesn’t regulate for them.

Safety Concerns About Peroxide

It has been claimed that the enamel of the teeth is not affected if the whitening agent contains less than ten percent carbamide peroxide.

Higher percentage of carbamide and hydrogen peroxide may prove harmful for the teeth enamel, but the fluoride content of the formula should remove the side effects to a considerable extent.

Dentists also prescribe fluoride gels to those using a higher concentration of these whitening materials which help as a protective cover. (more…)

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