Healthy Mind Creates a Healthy Body

How to go beyond the mental fatigue that prevents us from getting physical fitness? How to succeed in having a “healthy mind in a healthy body”?

Recent research from the Bangor University’s School of Sport, Health, and Exercise Sciences, suggests that mental fatigue may impact negatively our fitness. The research proves that our body activity is influenced by our mind activity.

Most health professionals already know all about this kind of tiredness. Long hours at work and the demands of our job leave all of us exhausted. Nowadays we are challenged to find ways to change our attitude (mood) and be aware of the fact that our body can take exercise even if our mind is tired.

Think about your own lifestyle for a moment. After a very tiring working day, how often do you prefer to go straight home to crash out on the sofa, in front of your TV or Mac, rather than engaging in some sports or other physical exercise activity? Sometimes you succeed in getting motivated, putting your sport shoes and going out to do some exercise while some others not. The truth is that once you make a start on getting dressed you find the way to break out of that slump. (more…)

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